LABS : Leonardo ABstracts Service

IDTitleAuthorDate Submitted
1Burning the Interface : artists' interactive multimedia 1992-1998Mike LeggettJun 17 2004
2A Procedural Model for the Integration of Physical and Cyberspaces in ArchitecturePeter AndersJun 18 2004
3Principles of Metadesign: Processes and Levels of Co-Creation in the New Design SpaceElisa GiaccardiJun 18 2004
4From Multiuser Environments as (Virtual) Spaces to (Hybrid) Spaces as Multiuser Environments: Nomadic technology devices and hybrid communication placesAdriana de Souza e SilvaJun 20 2004
5Design: interface of contemporary cultureAdriana de Souza e SilvaJun 20 2004
6Public News Network: Digital Sampling To Create A Hybrid Media FeedJack StennerJun 22 2004
7Phase Space Portraits of the Nuestra Señora delos Dolores of BaclayonFatima LasayJul 28 2004
8The Problem of Death in Contemporary Lithuanian ArtDalia NavikaiteAug 29 2004
9Sounds You Can TouchRobert J. GluckAug 29 2004
12Language, Memoru and Volition: Toward an Aesthetics of Computer ArtsMaureen A. NappiSep 6 2004
13aether: an experiment in the phenomenology of readingErik ConradSep 12 2004
14A Critical Examination of “Computer Art”:Its History and ApplicationNicholas LambertSep 19 2004
15DrKeith ArmstrongSep 21 2004
16Making Games with LEGO: Exploring the Uses of an Active LEGO Baseplate for Building Computer Games as a Learning ActivityOliver MoranSep 21 2004
17Empyrean : Soft Skinned SpaceDr Melinda RackhamSep 22 2004
18Electroacoustic Music: Morphological Analysis and Analytical RepresentationPierre CouprieMar 6 2005
19Discovering Mixed Reality: inventing design criteria for an action based Mixed RealityMette Ramsgard ThomsenMar 7 2005
20Expanded Media: Interactive and Generative Processes in New Media ArtSam WoolfMar 7 2005
21Ceremony of Innocence: A Case Study of the Emergent Poetics of Interactive NarrativeJim BizzocchiOct 4 2004
22Art in the Information Age: Cybernetics, Software, Telematics, and the Conceptual Contributions of Art and Technology to Art History and Aesthetic TheoryEdward Allen ShankenOct 13 2004
23Knowledge Visualization: Problems and Principles for Mapping the Knowledge SpaceGreg JudelmanOct 18 2004
24The Application of L-systems and Developmental Models to Computer Art, Animation and Music SynthesisJon McCormackOct 18 2004
25stories in between: a dissertationdrew davidsonOct 19 2004
26Erotecha: Electronic Intimacy in the Computer-based Interactive NarrativeBrigid CostelloOct 25 2004
27Towards an Ecosophical Praxis of New Media Space DesignDr keith ArmstrongOct 26 2004
28Punching, Kicking, Falling Back, Falling DownKate ChapmanNov 2 2004
29From Me to Us-a computer generated music installationKoray TahirogluNov 4 2004
30De-coding the Digital Revolution: A Critical Approach to the Presentation of the Term in Business Literature at the Turn of the MillenniumGenco GULANNov 5 2004
31The Visual Language of New Media: Towards the Total SurroundEmanuela ZilioNov 7 2004
32Virtual Culture and Virtualization of CultureDaniele AngeliNov 9 2004
33The Serendipity of Colliding MultimediaMarkus NorrenaNov 9 2004
34Good Life Game Prototype. Designing Game Mechanics for Group Interaction.Markku LappalainenNov 9 2004
35New Images for a New Medium - a case study of SITO Interactive Arts websiteLenara VerleNov 12 2004
36The HeUretics of Information: The Death of RhetoricKenneth FeinsteinNov 12 2004
38Reading Engineered Spaces: Bridges as Texts in Modern American CultureJ.N. NodelmanMar 7 2005
39La médiation de l'art contemporainSylvie LacerteMar 7 2005
40Aesthetics and Hyper/aesthetics: Rethinking the Senses in Contemporary Media ContextsMelanie SwalwellMar 8 2005
41The Kinesfield: a Study of Movement-based Interactive and Choreographic ArtGretchen SchillerNov 14 2004
42The Father in All of UsLisa NigroNov 15 2004
43net_work_ed: Simulated Bodies and Objects Intertwined in Cyberplaces and Art Educational Spaces -- Threads of a Critical Digital PedagogyRobert W. SweenyNov 15 2004
44The Father in All of UsLisa NigroNov 28 2004
45SALIX: Capturiing the essence, experiencee and the evolution of interpretive data sysytems in exocyborgian entities and interpreting into an artform- giving Salix a voicejohn sherman lathram lllDec 2 2004
46Internal Networks: Telepathy Meets Technology in the Dream PodCamille BakerDec 4 2004
47DrDr Garth PaineDec 13 2004
48Quantum Feminist Mnemotechnics: The Archival Text, Electronic Narrative and the Limits of MemoryCarolyn G. GuertinDec 14 2004
49Participatory Media: Visual Culture in Real TimeDaniel PalmerDec 19 2004
50In Finity - A dissertation on Inbetween WorldsA.S. SajithJan 3 2005
51InquirySpace: an Immersive Document in the Style of the 'Opera Reductio'Kenneth FieldsJan 3 2005
52Screen and Frame in Painting in the Digital EraDr Melina BerkenwaldJan 10 2005
53Screen and Frame in Painting in the Digital EraDr Melina BerkenwaldJan 10 2005
54Immersive Ideals / Critical DistancesJoseph NechvatalJan 10 2005
55The Reality Effect of TechnoscienceJulian BleeckerJan 16 2005
56The R.g.b-projectJacky SawatzkyFeb 4 2005
57Hypertext-based Art Education: Implications for Liberatory Learning in High SchoolPamela G. TaylorFeb 27 2005
58Protein SculpturesJulian Voss-AndreaeMar 5 2005
59Liquid Architectures: Marcos Novak's Territory of InformationCamile A. SilvaMar 5 2005
60Picasso Seizes Donald DuckHolly CrawfordMar 5 2005
61From shadow citizens to teflon stars: cultural responses to the digital actorLisa BodeMar 5 2005
62Tools, authoritative practices of text, constitution of the digital literature fieldBroudouxMar 6 2005
63Emotion und ästhetische Erfahrung. Zur Rezeptionsästhetik der Video-Installationen Buried Secrets von Bill Viola. (Emotion and Aesthetic Experience. The Aesthetic Reception of Bill Viola's Video-Installations Buried Secrets.)Anne HamkerMar 7 2005
64A Software-based Knowledge Management System using Narrative TextsThomas Rudy McDanielMar 7 2005
65The Machine that Made Science Art: The Troubled History of Computer Art 1963-1989Grant David TaylorMar 8 2005
66The Swap-O-MaticLina FenequitioMar 10 2005
67Bioglyphs: generating images in collaboration with nature's eventsDaro MontagMar 11 2005
68Crosswise: Sharing Goals, Sharing TimeTor de VriesMar 11 2005
69Art, Art History and Systems-Theoryfrancis halsallMar 12 2005
70Four Quarters of the Earth: A Heuristic-Hermeneutic Approach to World ArtKathleen I. KimballMar 12 2005
71On Earthquakes (Ueber Erdbeben - Ein Versuch zur Erweiterung seismologischer Darstellungsweisen)Florian DomboisMar 12 2005
72Exploring experiences of global awareness and holistic overview in interactive environmentsMichael HohlMar 13 2005
73Interactivity and Reproductivity in Early Video Art. An Art Historical Encounter With a New MediumMaurice HaakMar 14 2005
74Sound Diffusion Using Hand Held, Light Emitting Pen Controllers.Kenneth BrownMar 14 2005
75Caliban Robot: Artificial Stubbornness Evoked through a Shakespearian CharacterAnnabel Castro MeagherMar 14 2005
76Transitive: Immersive Visualization of Real Time Network TransfersBrenda A. Lopez SilvaMar 14 2005
77Dark Room Project Virginia M MadsenMar 15 2005
78Three-dimensional computer animation : Between tradition and artistic innovationVerónica CAMACHO CAMACHOMar 15 2005
79Fantasy Architecture: The Drawing in a Digital SpaceAnn TalleyMar 15 2005
80Design of virtual three-dimensional instruments for sound controlAxel G.E. MulderMay 15 2006
81Machine Metaphysics: Descartes, the Mechanization of Life, and the Dawn of the PosthumanAndres VaccariMay 22 2006
82The sound of friction: real-time models, playability and musical applicationsStefania SerafinMar 18 2005
83Between Mnemo and Locus: architecture of virtual spaces, construction of mental spacesAnja PratschkeMar 22 2005
84Singing cells, art, science and the noise in betweenAnne NiemetzApr 16 2005
85Light AttackDaniel SauterApr 17 2005
87Relations about Art and Science at Museums and Science Centres from 1969 until 2000Maria do Rosário de Assumpção BragaApr 29 2005
88Blogviz: Mapping the dynamics of Information Diffusion in BlogspaceManuel LimaMay 11 2005
89A 21st Century Flâneur : Landscape, Embodiment, and PhotographyMeggan L. GouldMay 17 2005
90Cartographies of the Identity: six itineraries to reflect about artistic and communicative practices in the digital eraGemma San Cornelio EsquerdoMay 27 2005
91The Spatial Narration ModelBlanca Montalvo GallegoMay 30 2005
92Micropolitical MachinesCatherine D'IgnazioMay 31 2005
93Stranger's images: Net Art and an-other representationMaria Victoria GugliettiMay 31 2005
94Hypermedia Design on the Internet: A semiotic analysis of the on line communication patternsMarcelo Luis Barbosa dos SantosMay 31 2005
95A Unitary Model of Intense Aesthetic Experience in Art and ScienceMelvin L. AlexenbergMay 31 2005
96Designing Multi-sensory Displays for Abstract Data.Keith V. NesbittJun 2 2005
97Applications of Generative String Substitution Systems in Computer MusicR. Luke DuBoisJun 9 2005
98From the Subject of Anatomy to the Anatomy of the SubjectRaphael CuirJun 12 2005
99Video Activism in the Italian Centri Sociali. A Visual EthnographyAlessandra CaporaleJun 30 2005
100Hypermedia Systems: The Creation and Interpretation of Concept-based ArtDr Dew HarrisonJul 13 2005
101From the Dark Room. Portuguese Video Art.Tânia SaraivaJul 23 2005
102The role of Internet in the culture emergent from the present world (1945-2003). Interactive installations, Net.Art and hypertexts on line as studies of caseJoan Campàs MontanerJun 17 2005
103Virtual space model for industrial designGianluca MuraJun 27 2005
104The Structure, Perception and Generation of Musical PatternsM. Nyssim LeffordJul 20 2005
105It's in Your Eyes - Gaze Based Image Retrieval in ContextLasse ScherffigJul 21 2005
107Excessive Economies: information and symbolic exchangeDavid TehAug 7 2005
108Coloured Universe and the Russian Avant-Garde.Matiushin on Colour Vision in Stalin's Russia 1932Margareta TillbergAug 11 2005
110The Natural History Diorama's Trace in NatureCultureMax LiboironAug 29 2005
111Improvisatory Music and Painting InterfaceHugo Solís GarcíaAug 30 2005
112Designing for Emotions - arguments for an emphasis on affect in designMartin PichlmairAug 30 2005
113Now and There - a Tangible Weather ChannelYu-Cheng HsuAug 30 2005
114Tanya SheehanTanya SheehanSep 19 2005
115Tanya SheehanTanya SheehanSep 19 2005
116Negotiating the Space Between Body and MachineRachel Beth EgenhoeferSep 30 2005
117European Avant-garde: Art, Borders and Culture in Relationship to Mainstream Cinema and New MediaLanfranco AcetiOct 2 2005
118Situated RepresentationMichel van DartelOct 4 2005
119The [hid] Toolkit for PdHans-Christoph SteinerOct 11 2005
120Thought, Expression and HypermediacyCarlos Alberto AugustoApr 2 2006
121Cyborg and Human: when a postmodern myth meets humanismYEUNG YangApr 13 2006
122The dimension of the enchantment: scenography and digital technologiesRegina Cunha WilkeMay 14 2006
124Virtual Community InterfacesFelipe Cesar Londoño L.Dec 4 2005
125Digital Lutherie: Crafting musical computers for new musics’ performance and improvisationSergi JordaJan 7 2006
126Transient communication systems: A system-theory reading of interactive digital installation artFalk HeinrichJan 13 2006
127Reynaldo Lagasca DuranReynaldo Lagasca DuranJan 20 2006
128Evolving Performance Control Systems for Digital PuppetryDr Andrew Joseph Alexander GildfindFeb 10 2006
129Virtual theatresClarisse BardiotMar 1 2006
130Albatross : a metaphor for vision & interplayed ideasilias koenMar 1 2006
131reIMAGing SPlACEChristine GoldbeckMar 2 2006
132Playtime in the White Cube - game art: between interactive art and video gamesAndrew HieronymiMar 2 2006
133The Delegation of Perception (DOP)Monika JaeckelMar 3 2006
134Real-Time Metaphorical Visualization of Multi-Dimensional Environmental DataEric AleyMar 9 2006
135Computer graphics – aesthetic experiments between two culturesChristoph KluetschMar 14 2006
136The Promise of Perfection: A Cultural Perspective on the Shaping of Computer Simulation and GamesJan Van LooyMar 17 2006
137Connective Tissue: Skin as Medium of Embodiment and Transcendence from the Baroque to the PosthumanJenny, Barbara RitaMar 19 2006
138From Le Musee des Sciences to the Science Museum: fifteen years of evolving methodologies in the science/art interfaceMartha FlemingMar 23 2006
139assise entre deux chaisesPaule BezaireMar 27 2006
142Art of Women: The Depression, Labor, and WarHatice BrentonMar 29 2006
143New Storytelling Machines: Emergent Theatre and Digital TechnologiesJoe WachsMar 29 2006
144The Tree of Art. A Trans-sensorial and Intersubjective Matrix for a Non- visual Art and for the Silence of the Artistic I.Cristina Miranda de AlmeidaMar 29 2006
145Seeing Angels and the Spiritual in Film - An Interdisciplinary Study of a Sensuous ExperienceMartha BlassniggMar 30 2006
146KinAesthetic Movement Interaction - Designing for the Pleasure of MotionJin MoenApr 7 2006
147Mimesis as the Representation of Types: The Historical and Psychological Basis of an Aesthetic IdeaMichael RantaApr 10 2006
148The Implications for Artistic Expressions and Representations of corporeality of the Experimental Techniques of Biomedical EngineeringPatricia L. AdamsMay 18 2006
149Extremities of the VideoChristine MelloMay 29 2006
150Glocal Vagabondage: Nomadism as a Tactical Use of Information and Communication TechnologyValeska K. BuehrerMay 30 2006
151Videogames: toys of the posthumanRoger Tavares (Rogério Jr. Correia Tavares)Jun 15 2006
152Visualising Boolean Set Operations: Real & Virtual Boundaries in Contemporary Site-Specific ArtEugenia FratzeskouJun 19 2006
153Voice Interfaces in Hypermediatic EnvironmentsMartha Carrer Cruz GabrielAug 18 2006
154Voice Interfaces in Hypermediatic EnvironmentsMartha Carrer Cruz GabrielAug 21 2006
155Aesthetics, Writing, Networked ComputersJoerg MuellerAug 25 2006
156Structural Constellations: Excursus on the drawings of Josef Albers c. 1950–1960Anthony AuerbachAug 27 2006
157AFFECTS: Intermedial Images between Art, Philosophy, and ScienceJulainne S. SumichAug 28 2006
158This Might Be a Game: Ubiquitous Play and Performance at the Turn of the Twenty-First CenturyJane Evelyn McGonigalAug 30 2006
159Gaming in ArtPhillipa (Pippa) StalkerSep 5 2006
160 searchAyah BdeirSep 5 2006
161Inhabited Content: An exploration into the role of the viewer through the realisation of In Conversation and other works.Susan CollinsSep 9 2006
163Understanding So-young ParkSep 14 2006
164Re-situating Performance Within The Ambiguous, The Liminal, And The Threshold: Performance Practice Understood Through Theories Of EmbodimentFranziska SchroederOct 26 2006
165Aquabatics as new works of Live ArtSarah Jane PellNov 6 2006
167Interactive Technologies for the Public Sphere: Towards a Theory of Critical Creative TechnologyDr. Pamela JenningsDec 28 2006
169Modernity and the scientific uses of design: A critical investigation in the notion of art and style of the artificial with special reference to the human antiquity controversy 1858-1908Dr Assimina KaniariDec 29 2006
170Collaboration in Sonic Design: frameworks for designing interactive sound environmentsJeremy YuilleDec 30 2006
171Landscape Denatured: Digitizing the WildEric KabischJan 2 2007
172Expressive Processing: On Process-Intensive Literature and Digital MediaNoah Wardrip-FruinJan 4 2007
173Generative Music and Cellular AutomataDavid M BurrastonJan 18 2007
174Mathematical Sculpture: Definition, Backgrounds in History of Art, Development, Evolution Prospects and Classification base on Mathematical ConceptsRicardo Zalaya BáezFeb 21 2007
175Atmospheric Architecture: 'outSIDEin'Maja PetricFeb 23 2007
176Fields of Interaction: From Shadow Play Theatre to Media PerformanceAleksandra DulicMar 5 2007
177Telepresence: interaction and interfacesYara Rondon Guasque AraujoMar 29 2007
179Boundary Expeditions: Strategies for Creative Research at the Interface of Art and Life ScienceGabriel HarpMay 10 2007
180Travels in Intertextuality: the autopoetic identity of remix cultureJoel Anthony FlynnMay 15 2007
181This is not here: Connectedness, remote experiences and immersive telematic art.Michael HohlMar 11 2007
182Improve - exploring modes of listeningRichard WiderbergMay 22 2007
183Organizing Sound with Circuit-Bending and Data SonificationJoni LyytikäinenMay 23 2007
184CAS - Collaborative Artwork SystemBrenda CastroMay 23 2007
185Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage ApplicationsMeehae SongMay 31 2007
186COLLECTIVE SELF-PORTRAIT: Poetics of Opening to the Spectator in the [De]Construction of a Collective Identity. AUTO-RETRATO COLETIVO: Poéticas de Abertura ao Espectador na [Des]Construção de uma Identidade Coletiva.NARDO GERMANOJun 2 2007
187PARABOLA-IMAGO: Creative Transmutations between Verbal and Visual Signs. PARABOLA-IMAGO: Transmutações Criativas entre o Verbal e o Visual.Agnus ValenteJun 2 2007
188Teaching Performance in the Digital Age: Computerized Technologies, Improvisational Play Techniques and Interactive Learning ProcessesKathryn T FarleyJun 21 2007
189FramesEthan HamJun 25 2007
190Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color from Paper to Pixels: A Physical and Neuropsychological AnalysisMariah Elizabeth KlaneskiJun 29 2007
191Bioneering: Hybrid Investigations of FoodLisa TuckerJun 29 2007
192In Silico, vida artificialFlorence Gouvrit MontañoJul 31 2007
193skinHelen-Nicole KostisJul 31 2007
194Critical Reflection in a Digital Media Artwork - Playas: Homeland MirageJack StennerAug 13 2007
195The Cinema and its Spectatorship: The Spiritual Dimension of the 'Human Apparatus'Dr. Martha BlassniggNov 14 2007
196Practice of Invitation - Art and meaningful participationMarkuz Wernli Saitô Dec 1 2007
197Your Divided Attention: Ambient Media Art and Looking Sideways Brett PharesJan 20 2008
198Creating CreativityHeather Dewey-HagborgFeb 19 2008
199Desiring Machinations of Matertekhnologi Kelly Andres Apr 30 2008
200Designing Multisensory Interac Christina Heidecker, MA May 2 2008
201Practice of Invitation - Art and meaningful participationMarkuz Wernli Saitô Dec 1 2007
202The Human-Digital Devide: The application of Rapid Prototyping and Haptic technology as Industrial Design tools for senorally rich interactionJ.A.SelfDec 2 2007
203sensate skins: Unfolding an affective, responsive aestheticsDennis HumphreyDec 11 2007
204A planetary myth: exploring hypermediaCláudia Martin NascimentoDec 12 2007
205Opera in the Age of MediaJelena NovakDec 12 2007
206Encouraging the Expression of the Unspeakable: Influence and Agency in a Robotic CreatureNicholas A KnoufDec 14 2007
207An enactive approach to digital musical instrument designNewton ArmstrongDec 14 2007
208Towards Autonomous Agents for Live Computer Music: Realtime Machine Listening and Interactive Music SystemsNicholas Mark CollinsDec 15 2007
209Creativity and AI: A Conceptual Blending ApproachFrancisco C PereiraDec 18 2007
210The Paradox of the Posthuman in Science Fiction/Techno-Horror and Visual MediaJulie ClarkeDec 18 2007
211Patterning:The Informatics of Art and FashionDaria DoroshDec 18 2007
212Artificial Intelligence and Art Penousal machadoDec 19 2007
213Collaboration in Sonic Design: Frameworks for Designing Interactive Sound EnvironmentsJeremy YuilleDec 20 2007
214Compositional Strategies in Electroacoustic MusicJorge Rodrigo Sigal SefchovichDec 22 2007
215"Tea House" Vending MachineJing ZhengDec 24 2007
216The enigma of the dancing pancha-loha (five metal) icons: archaeometallurgical and art historical investigations on south Indian bronzes’ Dr Sharada SrinivasanDec 27 2007
218Fragile Virtuosity: The Human Voice at the Center of Performance and TechnologyMichelle KasprzakJan 1 2008
219Samuel Beckett y el arte radiofonicoLuz María Sanchez CardonaJan 9 2008
220Your Divided Attention: Ambient Media art and Looking Sideways Brett PharesJan 20 2008
221SignSpace. Digital Media in Study Environments: the Case of Computer ArtSusanne GrabowskiDec 31 2007
222Score Following: An Artificially Intelligent Musical AccompanistAnna JordanousJan 8 2008
223The Cinema and its Spectatorship: The Spiritual Dimension of the 'Human Apparatus'Dr. Martha BlassniggJan 22 2008
224The Culture and Phenomena of Cineclubs during Sixties in Yugoslavia and Influence of New Tendencies on GEFF FestivalTomislav BrcicMar 7 2008
225Processpatching, defining new methods in aRt&DANne NIgtenApr 21 2008
226ocean_v1Wolf Nkole HelzleApr 29 2008
227The InterHarmonium : An Investigation into Networked Musical Applications and BrainwavesAndrew BrouseApr 29 2008
228particle activismanjali srinivasanMay 3 2008
229A World Exhilarating and Wrong Antoinette LaFarge May 5 2008
230Do “Leia, é divertido” ao “Ago Monique Vandresen May 9 2008
230Utopia of Aesthetic Technology hyunkyoung choMar 11 2010
231Musical Expression in Performance Ju-Lee Hong May 18 2008
234Exploring the experience in everyday pedestrian routes Evdoxia Christina Malisianou Jun 24 2008
235Synthetics: an Archaeology of the Electronic Image in Australia, 1955-1975 Stephen Jones Jun 24 2008
236Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Using Harmony Search Zong Woo Geem Jun 24 2008
237The Ubiquity of New Media Forms Allows for More Pervasive Video Art to Occur: a look at new experimental documentary and its roots in consumer practices and experimental movements. Nicole Rademacher Jun 24 2008
238The Neighborhood Network Watch Emery Caleb Martin Jun 28 2008
239Dynamic Variations Frederick H. Leighton Jun 30 2008
241Rain RemediationAnney BonneyJun 30 2008
242KnockKyveli VezaniJun 30 2008
243The Sublime in Interactive Digital Installation: An analysis of three artworks: Listerning Post, Translator II: Grower, The Cloud HarpTegan BristowJul 3 2008
244Digital Wheel ArtYounghyun ChungJul 3 2008
245Digitalism in Contemporary Western Painting from the 1960s till Today, Analytical StudyMohrah H. SakrJul 15 2008
248UTERUS THEREFORE COSMOS: Hybridations of Media, Systems and Poetics of an Interactive Sky-Art. - ÚTERO portanto COSMOS: Hibridações de Meios, Sistemas e Poéticas de um Sky-Art Interativo.AGNUS VALENTEAug 17 2008
249Glucose, wireless chat for local communitiesNoah ShibleySep 4 2008
250Imagens e sons em loop: tecnologia e repetição na arte / Images and sounds loops: technology and repetition in art.Aline Couri Fabião Sep 15 2008
251New Media Art managementDanijela MandušicSep 17 2008
252Reconfiguring SpacePaul ThomasSep 20 2008
253Artefacts, Technicity and Humanisation: industrial design and the problem of anoetic technologiesStephen James ThompsonSep 25 2008
255What are the metaphoric and spatial implications of a paranoid technological gaze?Martha Patricia Niño MojicaOct 15 2008
256COLOR in Black and White; An investigation of Vividness in Color and in Architecturejack reesNov 6 2008
257Creating order in the ceaseless flow: The discursive constitution of the radio spectrumZita JoyceDec 18 2008
258Drawing as coming to know: how is it that I know I make sense of what I do?Patricia CainDec 4 2008
259may the mice bite me if it is not trueverena kaminiarzJan 26 2009
261Biomorphic AggregatorCarlos CastellanosFeb 5 2009
262Out of Order: Explorations in Digital MaterialitySusan BallardFeb 19 2009
263Transparency, Cognition and Interactivity: Toward a New Aesthetic for Media ArtBrigitta ZicsMar 3 2009
264Theory and Practice of Physical Modeling for Musical Sound Transformations: An Instrumental Approach to Digital Audio Effects Based on the CORDIS-ANIMA SystemAlexandros KontogeorgakopoulosMar 31 2009
265Surrogate SelfPeter W. CoppinApr 4 2009
266Towards a Species Songbook: Illuminating the Vocalisations of the Australian Pied Butcherbird (Cracticus nigrogularis)Hollis TaylorApr 16 2009
267Iconicity and Network Thinking in Picasso's Guernica: A Study of Creativity Across the BoundariesChiara AmbrosioApr 18 2009
268Becoming Bird: Sound, Image, MovementB. Lea CoxApr 18 2009
271EXPERIMENTAL ARCHITECTURES: Contemporary Creative Practices.Nuno VarelaApr 28 2009
272Designing for Delight: The Role of Wonder, Discovery, Invention & Ingenuity in Exhibit DesignMarti LouwMay 11 2009
273Beyond Stereotypes: Finding Highly Nuanced Ways of Working with Consumers, Users, and Citizens Tarek A. FahmyMay 16 2009
274Ubiquity and FluidityRob La FrenaisMay 18 2009
275Transformation of Art and Science within the Context of Subjectivity and Objectivity in the Postmodern PeriodEnis Âli YurtseverMay 19 2009
276new media artTomás LaurenzoJun 1 2009
278THE SCREEN - operativity of a device in the territory of contemporary artistic practiceMaria MireJun 7 2009
279Growing Semi-Living ArtIonat ZurrJun 18 2009
280On the Couch - Capturing Audience Experience. A Case Study on Paul Sermon's 'Telematic Vision'Rolf WolfensbergerJun 19 2009
281Art and Architectural Design in 3D User-Generated-Content Virtual Worlds: A Case Study on Second Life®Umut Burcu TasaJun 26 2009
282The Experience of Interactive Art: A Curatorial StudyElizabeth MullerJun 29 2009
283"Suggested Sequence of Infection...": A Quantitative ArtifactSarah LoweJun 30 2009
284Machinima Fictions: a do-it-yourself practice to produce narrative movies from video games.Ricardo Cedeño MontañaJul 1 2009
286Mutations of Pastness: Time, Cinema, OntologyJenna Pei-Suin NgAug 6 2009
288The Implicit Body: understanding interactive art through embodiment, and embodiment through interactive artNathaniel SternOct 17 2009
289Perceiving Experience: Accounting for the role of the audience in the construction of pervasive and locative artworksChristopher James FryNov 11 2009
290fieldwork/fieldwalking: art, sauntering and science in the walkingcountryPerdita PhillipsDec 7 2009
291New media art in Central and Eastern Europe in the 2000sAgnieszka PokrywkaDec 29 2009
292Rhythmic Digitality and the Modulations of PerceptionEleni IkoniadouDec 29 2009
293The Ear of the Beholder: Ecology, Embodiment and Complexity in Sound InstallationDr Tom DavisDec 31 2009
294DECOMPOSITIONS – Chance Operations in Sound and Art Gil KunoDec 31 2009
295Expressive Sound Synthesis for AnimationCécile Picard-LimpensJan 6 2010
296Saving Metropolis: Body and City in the "Metropolis" TalesLawrence BirdJan 8 2010
297Designing a Deaf culture specific web siteSuvi KitunenJan 18 2010
299Visual Imagery and Concept Formation About Environmental Issues Through Creative PhotographyIris BergmannMar 2 2010
300Utopia of Aesthetic Technology hyunkyoung choMar 11 2010
301An exploration of a diversity of vision in digital art projects in relation to issues of engagementsonja van KerkhoffMar 23 2010
302Delineating Disease: a system for investigating Fibrodysplasia Ossificans ProgressiveLucy LyonsMar 26 2010
304Experiences from Designing a Wearable Interface For an Interaction through BreathingAnna SalmiMay 23 2010
306Music of the Spheres – From Prototyping to Product RealizationMatti LuhtalaMay 23 2010
307A practice-informed critique of technological posthumanism and its ideologiesDavid CecchettoJul 7 2010
308Photography as the EvidenceAna PeraicaJul 10 2010
309 Art for Environment, Art for Sustainability: The Art/Science Divide and the Role of Art in Environmental Discourse Emma ArnoldAug 5 2010
313Realtime and Accurate Musical Control of Expression in Voice SynthesisNicolas d'AlessandroSep 8 2010
315The Role of Sound in the Making of a Sense of Place in Real Virtual and Augmented EnvironmentsGokce KinayogluOct 7 2010
316A Portfolio of Original CompositionsOrestis KaramanlisOct 9 2010
317Transforming Realities: integrated coastal zone management, sustainability, and connective aesthetics Tanja GeisNov 4 2010
319Reversed Remediation. How Art Can Make One critically Aware of the Workings of Media Saskia KorstenDec 6 2010
320Nuclear Tycoon: Designing Simulation Rhetoric for a Persuasive GameMiska NatunenJan 13 2011
321Iris - a circular polyrhythmic music sequencerViljo MalmbergJan 13 2011
322The Absent Peer - non-users in social interaction designSebastian GregerJan 13 2011
323UNSTABLE TERRITORIES OF REPRESENTATION: Architectural Experience and the Behaviour of Forms, Spaces and the Collective Dynamic EnvironmentSana MurraniFeb 9 2011
324A time phenomena study based on tabletop interactionCarles Sora i DomenjóFeb 21 2011
325Intentional Systems and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hermeneutic Network: Agency and Intentionality in Expressive Computational SystemsJichen ZhuFeb 26 2011
326Rendering Life, Refiguring Diversity from the Highlands of New GuineaLaura Cassidy RogersMar 15 2011
327The Search for a Third Way of Curating New Media Art: Balancing Content and Context In and Out of the InstitutionSarah CookMar 17 2011
328Novel Methodologies for Developing Medical and Scientific Animated NarrativeJoseph William BrockMar 18 2011
329Beyond the Swatch: How can the Science of Materials be Represented by the Materials Themselves in a Materials Library?Zoe LaughlinMar 23 2011
330Ambivalent AnimalGeoffrey ThomasMar 25 2011
332The Sensorial Invisibility of Plants: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry through Bio Art and Plant NeurobiologyLaura CintiApr 12 2011
333Dynamic Systems Aesthetics of Interactive Media in David Rokeby’s The Giver of NamesTabitha MinnsApr 21 2011
334Potentials of data sonification in visual art: Sonifying the compArt databaseTobias HildebrandtApr 30 2011
335Aesthetic Complexity: Practice and Perception in Art & DesignGuy BirkinMay 10 2011
336Latent State: a theoretical and practical study of Live CinemaAndres ColubriMay 15 2011
337Antarctic animation: gestures and lines describe a changing environmentDr Lisa RobertsMay 16 2011
338mixed reality art and the graphical user interfaceIan GwiltMay 23 2011
340Genetic art and Recombinants: Introns Non-code and the Proto-animate ConditionAndre BrodykJun 4 2011
341MINDtouch - Ephemeral Transference: ‘Liveness’ in Networked Performance with Mobile DevicesCamille BAKER Jun 6 2011
342Understanding Fukushima. Designing for an embodied interaction with citizen science dataBen DromeyDec 17 2012
342Virtual Reality Applications in Television ScenesSharif El-Sayed SharifJun 9 2011
343A SoftGIS Revision: Towards Digitally Mediated Locative Dialogue is Support of Urban PlanningSara JacobsenDec 17 2012
344to/from. Designing a Non-Verbal Reciprocal Online Connection. Case study of Japan Support Flags.Satoko HinomizuDec 17 2012
344Play in Digital Media Art: Interaction, Interfaces, SubversionLaetitia WilsonJun 15 2011
3454, 3, 2, 1, ZERO: Light art until today – An experiment on a historical analysisJana WedekindJun 29 2011
345SPACE HABITABILITY. Integrating Human Factors into the Design Process to Enhance Habitability in Long Duration MissionsIrene Lia SchlachtNov 25 2012
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